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captain america x rockwell by m7781

This is one of the best pictures I’ve seen in a long time.

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I always loved that costume.

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"Pssst, spidey, what’d you get for number seven?"

"Dude, shut up! I don’t wanna get in trouble!"

"I got Waterloo."

This is a math test!”

are we not going to talk about the fact that deadpool is writing with scissors


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All New X-Men 21
Cover by Stuart Immonen

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

:D :D :D :D :D

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Amazing X-Men 1 baby variant by Skottie Young. The answer is yes!


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Katie Cook

I hope this is as good as I hope it is. I hope for awesome.

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This might not mean much if you’re not reading Saga (why aren’t you again?), but this is in the running for my favorite page in any comic ever.



This might not mean much if you’re not reading Saga (why aren’t you again?), but this is in the running for my favorite page in any comic ever.


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NYCC: All New X-Factor by Kris Anka


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I can FINALLY announce my latest project for Marvel Comics. BLACK WIDOW!! written by Nathan Edmondson (The Activity, Who Is Jake Ellis?) with art and covers by myself.

Oh man, I’m excited! I love Phil Noto’s art so much.

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Kyle Baker ~ Some of his “It’s Genetic” panels from Marvel Age.

Hahahahaha awesome

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Underwear, smoothie, wet hair, dirty mirror, James’ studio—I love this shot for some reason.

On being naked on the Internet.

I’d guess that most people wouldn’t feel positively about having their intimate parts shared permanently with the world. And why is that? Because they don’t feel good about their bodies? Because they are taught their bodies are shameful? Because they are afraid of causing some kind of scandal and ruining their future lives as teachers and presidents? Maybe they just don’t feel like it? There are too many reasons to list, and I’ve felt many of them at different times. But I didn’t stop sharing. Why? Because the reasons I felt were all based on fear, not the truth, and I feel strongly that many of them are worth fighting against.

I’m glad to be part of a movement of women who freely share themselves with the world, because I feel it is important to tell everyone that it’s okay to do so, and it’s okay to do it just for fun.

The body and sexuality shaming that women face everyday for a multitude of reasons is deeply damaging and unacceptable. We should feel great about our bodies, regardless of shape, size, or colour. We should feel great about our vast spectrum of sexualities. We should be able to do whatever it is we want, as long as we’re not hurting others.

Being naked is harmless, but buying into the oppressive rules built by our society is not. Helping enforce these awful rules is not.

I know this issue reaches beyond women and nudity in a broad range of directions, but I can only speak for myself and what I’m feeling in this moment. Still, the idea is simple and universal: be true to yourself and harm none.

To all those who tell us we are bad people, that we should be ashamed, or change who we are: that is not okay. May we replace this oppression with freedom, this fear and hate with unconditional love for all.

I don’t have to be a woman to admire and look up to a woman like this.

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How about some Rocket Raccoon

Love me some Rocket Raccoon.